Salmon fillet washers

Tunnel washers made of stainless steel, meeting all standards in the field of direct contact with food. They are designed for washing fish fillets with a brine solution. They have found their application in fish processing plants.

Chamber and pass-through washing machines for Big-Box containers

Chamber and overflow washers for Big-Box containers have found their application in the food industry, in production plants, warehouses and processing. They are characterized by low costs in terms of water and chemical consumption. They are perfect for plants with small and large processing capacities. The efficiency of our chamber washers and Big-Boxes is from 30 to 200 pcs/h. They are also distinguished by their versatility and universality, because it is possible to wash euro pallets and stuffing trolleys in them using dedicated inserts.

Europallet washers

We offer euro pallet washers with a capacity of 60 to 120 pcs/h. The lines are dedicated to both small and large plants, where the process of cleaning and disinfection of euro pallets takes place. In addition, it is possible to use a blower module to remove water stagnation from the surface of the euro pallet. Euro pallet washers come in many variants, differing in construction and purpose.

Knife carrier washer

Washers for knife carriers, gloves and aprons are characterized by high efficiency and washing efficiency. They will prove themselves in many branches of the food industry. They are characterized by above-average efficiency. During one cycle, it is possible to wash 30 gloves or 20 knife carriers and 5 cutting aprons. Washers have the ability to quickly sterilize the washed elements, which is important for maintaining proper hygiene in the plant.