Knife carriers and cutting gloves washer – MFR-10A

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Knife Carrier and Cutting Glove Washer – MFR-10A is a specialized device that is designed specifically for washing aprons, metal protective gloves and knife carriers used in the cutting departments of the meat industry. Our MFR-10A washer is distinguished by its reliability, efficiency and high productivity.

With its innovative cleaning and sterilization system, our knife and glove carrier washer guarantees excellent cleaning results. The capacity of our device allows us to clean metal gloves up to 360 pieces per hour, metal aprons up to 60 pieces per hour and cutting knives up to 240 pieces per hour.

Our knife carrier, glove and apron washers are characterized by above-average cleaning efficiency and performance. They are ideal for use in a variety of food industries, ensuring not only cleanliness, but also maintaining high hygiene standards.
In a single wash cycle, our MFR-10A washer can clean 30 gloves or 20 knife carriers and 5 cutting aprons. This is an effective and economical solution that saves time and increases productivity.

An important element of our washer is the sterilization system, which ensures fast and effective removal of microorganisms, contributing to the maintenance of proper hygiene in the plant. So you can be sure that the washed items are completely clean and safe for reuse.

Knife Carrier and Cutting Glove Washer – MFR-10A was designed with your needs in mind. It is a reliable, robust and professional device that will help you maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness in your facility.
Join the ranks of satisfied customers who rely on our high-quality equipment. Choose the Knife Carrier and Cutting Glove Washer – MFR-10A and enjoy excellent cleaning and sterilization results. Reliability, efficiency and effectiveness are the features that distinguish our washer.

Take care of hygiene and cleanliness in your industrial plant with our professional Knife Carrier and Cutting Glove Washer – MFR-10A!

  • Length:

    1700 mm

  • Width:

    1700 mm

  • Height:

    2200 mm

  • Performance:

    gloves up to 360 pcs/hour - knives up to 240 pcs/hour - apron up to 60 pcs/hour

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