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We are not only designers and manufacturers of sanitary and washing equipment made of stainless steel. We are also business partners for our clients. We advise them on the selection of the best solution, we carry out individual orders for machines tailored to the needs of a specific company.

We combine the experience and skills of our employees with innovations and above-average capabilities of modern devices that we use in production. We are still developing, we are up to date with market trends and we improve our products, because the concept of “excellence” changes along with technological progress.

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We are distinguished by above-average QUALITY

“Quality is not an art, quality is a habit” said Aristotle centuries ago, but this statement is very relevant today as well. Quality is perfection, so to maintain it, it is necessary to constantly introduce changes, monitor progress, implement new solutions and adapt to current standards. Therefore, if we want to talk about quality, we must treat it as an element of everyday, repeatable processes in the company. It must be a habit for us.

For us, quality means meeting the greatest needs of business customers from a specific area, and more precisely from the technology of sanitary, washing and many other devices. It is also about creating machines that are reliable, efficient and resistant to intensive use. In order to maintain the services we provide at the highest level and to constantly assure customers of our quality, we have implemented a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 and ISO14001.

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ISO 9001: allows us to implement such changes and actions, thanks to which we prove that we constantly provide customers with products that meet their highest requirements. We follow the dynamics of changes in the farm, which forces us to constantly improve the quality of our services. The ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification is largely responsible for the high satisfaction of our customers, the commitment of our employees and the increasing production and business opportunities.

ISO 14001: This is the most recognized environmental standard worldwide. All steps we take are to be good not only for us and our customers, but also for the natural environment, for which we – people are responsible. We limit our negative impact on the environment as much as possible, react immediately in the event of an ecological threat, implementing changes that are even more environmentally friendly. We work in harmony with the green sphere of our planet.

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We analyze

Cost optimization is a constant problem in every company. We strive to increase profits and reduce expenses as much as possible.

We carry out cost audits related to hygiene. Based on the information obtained, we provide ready-made proposals for changes that will make the washing systems function better in terms of quality and efficiency. The audit includes an assessment of water and detergent consumption in the company, as well as an analysis of the costs associated with them.


We produce

We specialize in the design and production of sanitary and washing equipment made of high-quality acid-resistant and stainless steel.

We provide companies with solutions tailored to their individual needs. Our products ensure an increase in work efficiency, reduction of company costs, as well as greater possibilities of the services provided.


We service

We are confident in our devices and know that they are characterized by great reliability, durability and long life.

To give you even more confidence in using them, we offer a 24/7 service. All our devices are equipped with a system that monitors their condition around the clock. Thanks to this, we are able to take appropriate action at an early stage of a possible failure. You receive help within 24-48 hours.


Industrial machines on special order

Ready-made solutions are already available in our offer. These are devices developed, designed and manufactured by our company, taking into account the customer’s needs and all innovative solutions available on the market. However, we are aware that many companies need devices designed specifically for the specificity of their operations.

We carry out individual projects and create custom-made industrial machines based on an analysis of the client’s needs, the specifics of his industry and the goals he wants to achieve.

We use professional knowledge in the field of design, knowledge of available solutions and the ability of our team to think and act in many ways. If you expect more from us, tell us about your expectations and let us create a machine that will support your company in current and future projects.

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