Chamber washer for stuffing carts MKW-60S,FO

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Chamber washer for stuffing carts MWF-60S,FO – your professional solution for food and meat industry!
Our chamber washer has been specially designed and developed for 200L and 300I stuffing carts. It is a dedicated device for industrial plants that operate in the food and meat industry.

The distinguishing feature of our washer is its robust construction made of stainless steel, which guarantees increased durability and resistance to mechanical damage. You can be sure that our device will serve you for many years.

The filtration system of our washer consists of a maintenance-free slotted-rotary filter, which significantly improves the quality of the washing process. Thanks to it, stuffing carts will be clean and hygienic, meeting the highest sanitary and hygienic standards.

In addition, our washer is equipped with a water management system, which significantly reduces the costs associated with the washing process. Thus, you not only take care of cleanliness and hygiene, but also save on water consumption.

Chamber washer for stuffing carts MWF-60S,FO is ideal for plants with a demand for containers with a capacity of up to 60 pieces per hour. It is a device that will provide you with efficient and effective cleaning of stuffing carts, speeding up your production process.

Choose our MWF-60S,FO chamber washer and experience professionalism and reliability. Our device is a guarantee of high quality cleaning, durable construction and savings for your enterprise.

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  • Length:

    3600 mm

  • Width:

    3300 mm

  • Height:

    2250 mm

  • Performance:

    up to 60 pcs/hour

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Service response time 24-48 hours.

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