Chamber washer for Big-Box containers – MBB-30S,FO,WZ

chemaxpol 04 myjki komorowe i przelotowe pojemnikow big box mbb 30sfoau

Chamber washer with division of zones intended for washing Big Box containers with dimensions of 1200x1000x790mm. It is characterized by easy, one-person operation, as well as a high level of automation. The structure is made mostly of acid-resistant steel and synthetic materials. There is a reinforced version for larger metal containers weighing up to 120 kg. The chamber washer for Big Box containers is equipped with a maintenance-free filtration system supporting the washing process and a water management system, thanks to which it is possible to optimize the costs of washing. Device capacity up to 30 pcs/h. The washer can also be used to wash the stuffing trolley and the Euro pallet.

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