Chamber washer for smoking carts – MWW-30S

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Chamber washer for smoking carts – Perfect cleaning for the food industry!
Our specialized chamber washer Type: MWW-30S is specially designed for effective cleaning of “Z” or “H” type smoke carts of various sizes. Mounted directly on the floor, it allows for easy entry and exit of smoke carts through suitable raids into the washing and rinsing chamber.

Our chamber washer, in its standard version, allows simultaneous washing of 3 pieces of smoking carts in one cycle. Thanks to the water management system, our device allows you to optimize washing costs. The capacity of the washer is up to 30 pieces per hour, which ensures fast and efficient cleaning. In addition, our chamber washer can be adapted to different types of assortments with dedicated cartridges.

Our chamber washers are ideal for cleaning smoke sticks, slaughter hooks and other metal parts used in smoking processes in the food industry. Thanks to their compact drum design, our units are durable and provide optimal cleaning results. They can be operated both manually and fully automated, depending on your needs. We also offer washers with different capacities to suit your facility’s requirements – from 30 to 100 items per wash cycle.

Choose our smoke cart chamber washer Type: MWW-30S for perfect cleaning and hygiene maintenance in the food industry. With our specialized chamber washer, you will meet all hygiene standards and effectively clean your smoke carts. Trust our robust design and advanced technology to join satisfied customers in the food industry, where cleanliness and quality are of utmost importance.

  • Length:

    2400 mm

  • Width:

    2420 mm

  • Height:

    2900 mm

  • Performance:

    to 30pcs/hour

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