Smoking tray washer – MR-700

chemaxpol myjki raszek wedzarniczych mr 700s mw iifo 4mo 1

In-line redbreast washer Type: MR 700S, MW,IIFO+4MO is designed for washing redbreasts for smoking fish in a standing position with dimensions of 980x550x10 mm, used in all sections of the fish industry. For increased cleaning efficiency and at the same time ease of use, it has been equipped with a maintenance-free filtration system. The smoker’s tray washer is also equipped with a water management system, which positively affects the reduction of costs related to water consumption. The device also has a blower module used to blow away water stagnation from the surface of the tray. It was created taking into account the needs and specificity of the work of plants with a demand for brow with a capacity of up to 700 pcs/h.

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