Sausage staining chamber KBW-120S

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Meat Dyeing Chamber Type KBW-120S is a high-quality device made of stainless steel that meets hygienic requirements. It is perfect for meat transportation, especially in the application of the use of liquid products by directly spraying the products before use.

The KBW-120S Type KBW-120S Specialized Meat Dyeing Chamber was launched for the production of meat products. The application process that takes place in the preparation zone, available for loading, washing, spraying, outlet, spraying, flow spraying, product discharge and unloading. Made of high-quality stainless steel, which can be introduced on the fly, it ensures a high level of risk during operation.

A device with a height of 60 to 120 pieces of smoking sticks per hour. Application in the case of the addition depending on the type and their arrangement on the smoking stick. This is a solution that allows you to adapt the process to individual needs and applications.

Meat Dyeing Chamber Type KBW-120S is a device that provides efficiency and a tool for detecting the type of spices on meat equipment. Due to the inability to achieve results and improve the quality of their products. It is not only an investment in consumption and production, but also in ensuring the residual by-products.

Choose the KBW-120S Meat Dyeing Chamber and join the proven customers who have received high-quality products from our devices. We offer solutions that are available for the needs of the food industry and meet all requirements in this industry. Discover our hidden devices that may cover your meat production.

  • Length:

    7000 mm

  • Width:

    2530 mm

  • Height:

    3350 mm

  • Performance:

    from 60-120 pcs/h. smoking sticks with suspended product

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